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Maxillectomy in dogs

Maxillectomy/Mandibulectomy is a type of surgery that is recommended in oral oncologic surgery in order to control local disease. It is recommended for malign but also for some benign oral tumors in dogs an cats.The more caudal it gets the more complicated the surgery. Some benign tumors, like fibromatous epulis, when they become large enough, with bone involvement, require large excisions like a central maxillectomy or caudal maxillectomy. Even in this type of tumors margins are essential, given that fibromatous epulis arises from periodontal ligament and in incomplete excision, local recurrence is expected. Metastasis is not of concern, in this case.This is a male dog, castrated, 9 yo. Client education is essential in maxillectomy, the more aggressive it gets, the more complications can be seen: local dehiscence is of some concern as it can be expected in the first 7 days after surgery. Intraoperative complications are mostly about hemorrhage. In our case, thanks to the ultra-new Harmonic Ethicon this is easy to control. Local infection is rare, cosmetic should be discussed prior to surgery with good communication skills. The dog recovered well and today, 4 months after surgery, is enjoying life as expected. Local block is paramount for good pain control and for the sparing effect on other drugs.

De Dr. Daniel Lescai

Doctor in Medicina Veterinara

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