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Massive leiomyoma and other tumors in a dog

Fig.1 . Mammary tumors and a massive leiomyoma in a dog
Fig. 2. Bleeding massive vaginal leiomyoma
Fig. 3. Vaginal leiomyoma
Fig. 4. Large mammary tumor excision
Fig. 5. Ovarian cysts
Fig. 5. Closing the surgical dead space as an essential step
Fig. 6. Episiotomy as first step for vaginal leiomyoma excision
Fig. 7. Urethral catheter and vaginal excision
Fig. 8. Vaginal anastomosis after massive vaginal leiomyoma excision in a dog
Fig. 9. Local reconstruction after tumor excision
Fig. 10. Suture pattern after mammary tumor excision
Fig. 11. Complete healing after large vaginal and mammary tumor excisions in a dog

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