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Left adrenalectomy, iliac lymphnode and left perianal large myxosarcoma excision in a 8 yo Lab female dog

This is the case of a 9 yo, spayed Lab female dog presented for a large perianal mass. The mass is diagnosed as a soft tissue sarcoma and during staging there is US and CT evidence of a large left adrenal mass and iliac lymphnode alteration.

After proper owner discussion a one stage surgery is recommended. Under general inhalatory anethesia and epidural block with bupivacaine and buprenorphine first step is left adrenal mass excision, the second step is iliac lymphnode excision and after abdominal closure with non-resorbable suture the last step is excision with 2 cm lateral margins and deep muscle/fascia layer of the perianal STS.
Recovery is good, pathology report confirms a adrenal adenoma, reactive lymphnode, clear for metastasis and a myxosarcoma with clear margins.

Fig.1. Left adrenal bed after excision
Fig2. View of the left adrenal bed
Fig.3. Iliac lymphnode after excision
Fig.4. Site of the excised iliac lymphnode
Fig.5. Lateral incision for large left perianal myxosarcoma
Fig.6. Deep muscle layer margin after large left perianal myxosarcoma excision
Fig.7. Abdominal view with large left side adreanl and left kidney
Fig.8. Dissection of the left adrenal
Fig.9. Final dissection of the left adrenal mass
Fig.10. Adrenal mass after excision

de Dr. Daniel Lescai

Doctor in Medicina Veterinara