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Adrenalectomy in a 13y female dog with left adrenal gland adenocarcinoma

With a 15-50% mortality rate adrenalectomy in dogs is a medium-high risk surgery. Perioperative risks are high and extend way after the surgery is over. The older the dog the higher the risk. This is a female dog with the best possible outcome after surgery.

1. Xiphopubian incision and falciform ligament excision
2. Acces for adrenalectomy is difficult to achieve even in the best conditions
3. Second pair of trained hands help gain access to the enlarged left adrenal gland
4. Local inspection and anatomy
5. Left adrenal adenocarcinoma
6. Left adrenal and the difficult anatomical surgical area
7. Adrenal gland adenocarcinoma after excision
8. Adrenal gland bed after excision

de Dr. Daniel Lescai

Doctor in Medicina Veterinara