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Nosectomy for a dog with advanced SCC of the nose

Nosectomy is a radical surgery procedure especially in case of malignant cancer in the nose area of dogs. It is meant for cure or reducing disease burden. It can be challenging as it can produce cosmetic dissatisfaction and owner reluctance. In this case, the dog is diagnosed with advanced squamous cell carcinoma SCC with little to no results after various local treatments. As ultimate procedure is proposed a radical nosectomy with the hope of curing or preventing debilitating disease advancement. Nosectomy resulted in complete excision, clean margins, no recurrence but complications should be expected. Local dehiscence is common, narine stenosis is also well described but are manageable, of medium intensity compared to previous disease. Healing process is complete and normal activity and client satisfaction are achieved.

1. Large SCC of the nose in a dog
2. Lateral view of the extent of the SCC
3. View of the surgical field after large SCC excision-nosectomy
4. Lateral view after nosectomy for large nose SCC in a dog
5. View after healing following nosectomy for a large SCC

de Dr. Daniel Lescai

Doctor in Medicina Veterinara

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