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High Grade Lymphoma in cats

In all cats, lymphoma is a common finding. Most of the cats with lymphoma have an altered general state, some of them will have digestive signs. Routine abdominal US scan can outline several changes, depending on the grade of lymphoma. High and low grade are the most common findings but bear different outcomes. The good part in lymphoma is the good sensitivity of the FNA test. Cytological exam can have a very good correlation with the final diagnosis. In this case, the renal FNA and the small intestinal mass FNA test positive for a high grade lymphoma in a 13y cat, female s. Do not lose sight of some other common problems in cats like FIV/FeLV, Hyperthyroidism, Giardiosis, low B12 vit. or pancreatitis. Take a good look at the digestive system, layering and movement, this is a good place to start to see the space between digestive low and high grade.…/j.1939-1676.2009.0457.x

US of the kidney with lymphoma in cats
Micro image of the US guided FNA-Lymphoma

Dr. Daniel Lescai

Doctor in Medicina Veterinara